Unrefined Oils: Groundnut, Mustard, Almonds and Sesame

Batch number


Date of Filtration:

8th October 2022

Date of OIL Extraction:

5th October 2022

Date of Bottling:

8th October 2022

Location of Oil Extraction & Filteration

Bagru, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Location of Bottling:

Sector 36, NRI Road, Jagatpura Jaipur

Farmer in charge


Oil Extraction

Oil is extracted from raw seeds through cold press machines. No other agents are added for refining

Oil Filtration

Oil is filtered through simple clothes and sieves. No refining is done so the health benefits of the oil seed remain intact

Benefits of Unrefined Oils

Unrefined Oils are good for health. They are loaded with anti oxidants. They have all the goodness of the oilseed from which they are extracted.  As no refining and mixing is done  so they are also very good for raw consumption.

Fun fact about Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is rich in a number of the nutrients your body and hair needs. So adding sesame oil or seeds to meals can benefit your hair health. Using this oil on your hair and scalp may help your hair to grow, be stronger, and look shinier.