Farm Fresh and Chemical Free Vegetables

We deliver freshly plucked fruits and vegetables at your doorstep.

Unprocessed and Raw Honey

Straight from the Hinterlands of Rajasthan, we bring to you each golden drop as pure as nectar.


Fostering Indian farmers to engage into bamboo plantations. The quality of our bamboo is premium and may leave you BAMBOOzled.

Farmer Clusters

Establishing farmer clusters and building a community.

Natural and Farm Fresh

Delivering freshly plucked farm produce and raw unprocessed honey.

Lab Testing

Enabling testing of soil, water, agricultural and apiary produce.

Block Chain & IoT

Developing IoT and blockchain technology to ensure source tracking.


Vgrow is not only about providing best and 100% natural agricultural products to its customers but it is also an initiative towards building a farmers community and agricultural clusters at the back-end in India.

From encouraging farmers to produce chemical-free vegetables and fruits to building and incorporating new technologies into apiaries and horticulture, we are doing it all.

Our efforts, however, mean nothing if not for our customers and farmers-the backbone of our nation. We are grateful to you for your support. To read our complete story and ponder upon our vision, click below.