Groundnut Oil

Batch number


Date of Filtration:

16th January 2021

Date of OIL extraction

16th Januray 2021

Date of Bottling:

18th January 2021

Location of Oil Extraction

Bagru, Jaipur

Location of Filtration and Bottling:

Sector 36, NRI Road, Jagatpura Jaipur

Farmer in charge


Oil Extraction

Oil is extracted by cold press machines in nearby town named Bagru



Benefits of Acacia Honey

Due to acacia honey’s antioxidant and antibacterial properties, it may help speed wound healing and prevent bacterial contamination and infection. Additionally, this honey helps maintain a moist environment while providing a protective barrier, both of which can aid wound healing.

Fun fact about honey bees

Honey bees are brilliant boogiers! To share information about the best food sources, they perform their ‘waggle dance’. When the worker returns to the hive, it moves in a figure-of-eight and waggles its body to indicate the direction of the food source. Cool, huh?