About Us

Our Story

Vgrow is a start-up co-founded by Richa Gadia and Paresh Gupta . Fed up of eating chemically infused vegetables and fruits, the two decided to be the change themselves. Vgrow started with backyard farming before renting a farm in Bhondsi, Gurgaon. All of it can be traced back to when Vgrow home delivered fresh greens for the first time to the houses of colony friends in Nirvana Country, Gurgaon. With a surge in demand and customer enthusiasm, a project that was formed to eat better took the shape of what Vgrow is today and our vision for the future. In the initial days Vgrow embarked upon the mission of providing doorstep delivery of freshly plucked and natural farm produce. With experience and resources, our love towards nature found a way to reflect in our work. The plastic pouches were replaced by jute bags, the delivery vehicles by electric rickshaws and we started distributing various homemade healthier versions of a variety of products.

Seeing the potential and requirements, we soon entered the honey and bamboo market. We saw how the apiaries in India were being undermined and at the same time how a number of products can be extracted from beehives. Honey bees as hard working  and exhillirating they are, their population worldwide is at threat. Keeping this in mind, our vision expanded and Vgrow decided to form farmer clusters. We work with many farmers across 2 states and 7 districts. What started as working with farmers to deliver freshly plucked produce to customers is now a collaboration. 

After our recent merger with Neos Angels, we are testing the waters around incorporating Blockchain and IoT technology in apiaries and horticultural communities. Our goal is to make agriculture technology enabled so that the customers can trace back what they eat all the way back to its source.

Our Team

Paresh Gupta

Co-Founder VGROW

Umesh Gupta

Managing Director

Richa Gadia

Founder VGROW

Tushar Saini

Marketing Head

Gaurang Gadia

Head of Media Management