Providing the Right Tools for the Participants
in the Agricultural Supply chain

Digital Identity

Gives digital identity to high value food products. Access to new information through blockchain


Leakage proof traceability with each item traceable from seed to consumer

Immutable Data

Provides immutable information providing trust and transparency throughout the supply chain


Right and updated information available to the customer for them to make informed decisions

Optimised Performance

Using the VGrow solution throughout the supply chain with the power of the Blockchain technology. This will provide many benefits for the farmers, suppliers and customers including efficiency, traceability and transparency – the elements that are presently lacking and are creating serious issues in the ecosystem today. Customers can scan using the QR code on their package to know the history of the product from seed to shop. This will go a long way towards assuring food safety and security.

Stats & Figures

Million people die every year from contaminated food
0 %
of FMCG items believed to be genuine by 80% customers are fake, according to FICCI CASCADE
0 %
of the food samples tested by FSSAI were adulterated or misbranded
0 %
of marketed honey and other items found fake and contaminated


VGrow works with brands in bringing transparency in the system. We are empowering the customers by informing them about the food on their plates.

Aligned with The United Nations SDGs

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